Monday, 28 September 2015

documentary research and script.

Documentary research.

film- frozen

is the film an original idea, a remake, a sequal or an adaptation (or a combination)?  inspired by Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale 'the snow queen'
director- Chris buck and Jennifer lee.
which studio(s) are making the film?- walt disney animation.
budget- $150 million
which 'stars' signed up to be in the film? kristen bell anna, idena menzel as elsa and  Josh Gad as olaf.
 how was it filmed? CGI
problems it faced- because it was a cgi film, there where many time consuming tasks. for example, the team had to design 200 unique snowflakes. Another challenge that the studio had to face was to deliver shots of heavy and deep snow that both interacted believably with characters and had a realistic sticky quality.
was 3D added AFTER filming? yes.
marketing- posters in cinemas, TV adverts, trailers, online adverts, a song was released from the show by demi lovato before the release of the film.
special effects- the entire film was CGI so all effects that where needed where CGI to.
premier-  El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, on November 19th 2013.
rotten tomatoes rated it 7.7/10- 89%
the film took 5 years to make.


Frozen is a walt disney animation blockbuster film directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. it is based on Hans Christian Andersons's fairy tail 'the snow queen'. it was voted number 3 on the top grossing films in 2013 with $410million dollars and a budget of $150 million dollars. rotten tomatoes gave it a rating of 7.7/10 which is 89%. The film was made at the Disney studio headquarters in California, America and stared Idena Menzel as Elsa, who has also been in the disney film Hercules, Kristen bell as anna, who was a voice in astro boy and Josh Gad as olaf, who was a voive in ice age continental drift. the entire film is CGI which included all special effects. This was a problem because it makes it very time consuming. they had to design 200 unique snowflakes and try to deliver shots of heavy and deep snow that seemed realistic. the film was also made into 3D after it had been filmed. the film was marketed in the following ways; posters in the cinemas, TV adverts, trailers, online adverts, and a song was released from the film by demi lavoto before the film was released. The film itself took 5 years to get from just an idea to the premier at El capitan theatre in hollywood on the 19th of novemeber 2013. it has been said that frozen 2 will be released after 2018.

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