Sunday, 13 September 2015


favourite Albums:

1. Nickleback- dark horse. favourite tracks- gotta be somebody, just to get high.
2. Linkin park- minutes to midnight. favourite tracks- given up, shadow of the day.
3. Skindred- kill the power. favourite tracks- playing with the devil, worlds on fire
4. Twenty one pilots- Blurry face. favourite tracks- ride, judge.
5. The pretty reckless- going to hell. favourite songs- sweet things, fucked up world.

All 5 of these albums fall under the 'alternative' genre. they are all different sounds as it includes rock, reggae/rock and soft punk.

favourite TV series:

1. pretty little liars. 4 friends who try to investigate there friends death. while doing this they receive threatening texts from a mysterious person that names there self "A". through out the series the 4 girls and some of there friends try to find out who A is, getting themselves in to really dangerous situations.
2. gossip girl. about the lives of a group of teenage friends living on the upper east side. while an anonymous blogger posts reveling information about them causing lots of trouble.
3. Merlin. the story of "Arthur and the nights of Camelot". Merlin is Arthur's servant who is also a sorcerer. Merlin has to keep this secret to protect Arthur as it is his destiny.
4. breaking bad. about a science teacher that sells and cooks meth to make money for his family.
5. skins. the lives of reckless teenagers.

favourite anime's:

1. death note. about a boy who finds a book called the death note. when he touched the book a shinigami (god of the under world) appeared. he told the boy that if you write a name in the book, that person will die in 5 minutes. he sees this as an opportunity to kill criminals.
2. Tokyo mew mew. about a group of 5 girls who have special powers and defeat creatures.
3.blood lad. the son of a priest finds out he is actually a descendant of the devil.
4. sword art online. people that are trapped in a video game and can only get out by completing all 100 levels.
5.Adventure time. a boy and his dog that go on adventures and help people. while defeating his enemy the ice king.

favourite comedians:

1.Michael Mcintyre. his 'showtime' episode is my favorite. In it, he talks about real life situations that you can relate to and about his own experiences.  
2.Sarah Millican. Sarah Millican uses female humor that women can relate to,
3.Miranda Hart. Family humor, she acts very innocent and is awkward about certain situations.
4.Jeff Dunham. He is a ventriloquist. his jokes can come across very offensive so its for selective audiences.
5.Jack Whitehall.

favourite YouTubers:

1.Lukeisnotsexy. a very awkward human being. he talks about his past situations from when he was a youtuber.
2.Janoskians. this is a group of  5 boys who do mostly pranks. there pranks can be very extreme and leave you not knowing how to react to what you just watched.
3.Emma Blackery.  A female youtuber who also talks about her past experiences, she also makes funny skits.
4.Danisnotonfire. he does a lot of 'tags'. these are challenges that you ask your friends to do. such as the 'whats in my mouth' challenge'.
5.My digital escape. different youtubers formed together to make a joint channel. they have a different topic every week and they all make separate videos.

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