Monday, 28 September 2015

American Influence
1: It was made so cinematographers from around the world could go there to find out about all of Sony’s latest products and cameras that are used in the rising UK film industry. Pinewood has created lots of courses and classes to help up and coming filmographers to achieve success, these courses not only provide theory lessons but also have a lot of hands on experience with the newest top of the range Sony equipment available.
2: This could majorly benefit the British film industry because it teaches and inspires a lot of new students and adults to take part in film making. This also helps the British film industry because the better equipment the industry has and the better people know how to use them then the programmers will also get better.

3: This is the first open facility of its kind.

4: There were 17 films that were shot by the Sony CineAlta F65. This information was gathered from:

5: Blockbuster has lost a lot of sales due to VOD. being able to watch movies online for free rather then paying to rent.

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