Thursday, 8 October 2015


Skins opening scene- Tony

.wants to show off/ look good- the mini montage of a workout then he poses in the mirror. 
.clean face, un-messy hair and pristine sheets.
.he knows what he's doing- he does things with out hesitation.  
.relationship with his dad- he knows how to push his dads buttons, Tony is in charge.
.tidy room- unstereotypical for a boy.
.there are 2 sides to him- only half of his face is lit.
.OCD- everything in his room is really neat and tidy, including his clothes.
.woke up before alarm- he's prepared and has a routine.
.nausea book- intellectual and prestigious. 
.clothes are plain and stylish- he's different so he stands out and his style fits in with all eras. 
.plain hair cut.
.unusual movie posters.

interior setting:
.job related objects
.bland colours/unstereotypical woman's house
.high up
exterior setting:
.busy roads
.they appear insignificant
.grey coat
.shirt and tie
.smart/ casual
.neat hair
.noticeable makeup
.high heels

.shes in charge, she never breaks eye contact and he feels awkward around her.

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