Wednesday, 18 November 2015

representation of ethnicity.


black- Thomas is a black character that comes to the UK from africa. He is very friendly which is a countertype to the normal sterotypes of black people being dangerous and very violent. we see him help his friends alot and he shows that he cares. he also stays out of any trouble.

asian- This is Anwar from skins. he is a sterotypical asian/indian. His family and him dress in the traditional outfits and they do their daily prayers.
he is also a countertype because he is really rebelious and his best friend is gay, which is seen as a sin within his religion.

white- Effy from skins is seen to be a loud anti-behaviourist teen. she goes out drinking and does drugs while sneeking around behind her parents back. This is a stereotype of a typical British white teen.

Pretty little liars.

chinese- Mona from PPL is a chinese character. as she was born in America she doesnt have any chinese elements to her.

Black- this character is a police man in this TV drama. this is a countertype of a black person because sterotypically black people are seen to be put into prison but in this case it is the other way around.

white- this a Ali who is a white character in PLL. she is very girly which can be seen as a stereotypical thing. she does have a rebellious side to her which goes against the 'christian' stereotype.

Vampire Dairies  
black- this is the only black character that has appeared in the show apart from one main character. there isn't much to say about him because he is very new to the show and is mute. he is one of the bad guys in the show which can be seen as a stereotype of all black people being thugs.

Chinese- Oscar is another new character to the show. so far we have seen him to be quite cleaver in his action. this related to the stereotype that all Chinese people are smart.

white- this is the main character from the show. he has a 'bad boy' representation which is opposite to the white stereotype being that they are good and christian.

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