Thursday, 5 November 2015

Representation of disability.

This is a clip from breaking bad. The disables person in this is their son Flynn who has cerebral palsy. In the clip you see him try on a pair of trousers while he is being mocked by people behind him.


  • we can see a lot of clothing behind him which tells us that he is in a shop.
  • all the posters in the back ground are of able body people which gives the indication that people with disabilities are the minor population.
  • Flynn is wearing a t-shirt that looks untidy at the bottom. this can show us that he is dressed by someone else who doesn't pay attention to how the outfit looks and just throws it on.
camera angles, movements, shot and composition:
  • There is a wide angle shot used in this scene. this makes it so that we can see the boys mocking Flynn from behind and we can see how the parents and Flynn react.
  • There is a pan shot paced quite quickly between the parents showing us there facial expression to what is going on behind them.
  • A low angle shot is used when Flynn's mum is telling her son not to react. This makes her seem higher up with being the bigger person and not reacting the comments made.  
  • Throughout this scene, you can here Flynn's mum taking to him in a patronising tone. This shows that he is being treated as a lower status, almost like a child in thinking that he cant make an easy decision like this himself.  
  • Constant laughter is present in this scene as they mock Flynn for having a disability.  
The scene its self is quite quiet on a whole until the dad decides to do something about the boys mocking his son. During this section music plays intensely to increase tension between everyone.


  • Many jump shots are used here. this adds to that tension this is causing and makes it seem like there is more going on then there is.
  • cross cutting is used to show us closely how the boys are mocking Flynn.  

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