Friday, 29 April 2016

Ex Machina notes

Ex Machina was produced by both Andrew MacDonald and Allon Reich and was directed by Alex Garland. It was distributed by Universal studios on 21 January 2015. The cast included  Domhnall Gleeson, Alicia Vikander, Oscar Isaac and Sonoya Mizuno. Ex Machina qualifies as a British film as all the cast are British and both producers and director is British, as well as others. The film had a budget of $15 million and making $36.9 million at the box office which is really good for a British film. A film being British can have a negative impact of the audience of the film. This is due to a few reasons; one, being that it will appeal greatly to British citizens because they are interested on seeing how they are betrayed on screen and two, the film may not make enough money to get out to a wider audience.  

The film was shot in 2 different countries and bout 6 locations with in these countries. The first part of the film took place in London,UK and the rest was shot in Norway.  Ex Machina was shot on a Sony f65 with a achromatic lenses. They used roto-scoping to insert and remove Ava's body from the image to create the illusion of a robotic body.  The film started off on 4 screens and grew greatly to 2000 screens over the course of 2 months because of how well the film was doing.

This film worked in synergy with other bigger companies such as Film 4 and DNA films which works in favour with British films. This is because British films do not have enough money to promote and distribute the film themselves and rely greatly on other big companies. During the marketing side of Ex Machina, the company worked in convergence to use forms of media such as twitter, facebook and tinder to promote the film saving them money.

Ex Machina is a film that relies greatly on the new developments of technology. For example, they way of removing Ava's real body and adding robotic parts  could not have been achieved a short time ago. This is called roto-scoping. Roto-scoping is where they film the scene with the actor and then again with out. after they do this they overlap the clips and remove and pencil in certain areas. Also having social media such as Youtube is also great for marketing a film and getting it to a wide audience.

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