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what significance does the continuing development of digital media technology have for media institution and audiences?

what significance does the continuing development of digital media technology have for media institution and audiences?

computer- CGI, editing, distribution and marketing.


  • DVD- Bluray- free download
  • Netflix- stops illegal downloads
  • Mad max- improvement throughout the films
  • Ex machina- CGI/rotoscoping
  • youtube
  • socialmedia
  • viral marketing ^
View point- The continuing development. such as Imax, CGI, 2D and 3D.

instruction- what significance?

  • 2D and 3D, IMAX, flash, edge arm
  • how its filmed -proccess
  • marketing
  • distribution
  • editing- Ava body
  • crossmedia
  • synergy
  • screens
  • conversion- watching from phones, yt and social media.

The continuing development of digital camera media has had a great significance for media institution and audiences. It has made a huge change in marketing, distribution and the filming process.

Films such as mad max have come so far in terms of action and the graphics. The lastest mad max film -'fury road' was shot mainly using a flash camera. A flash camera can shoot the film and then to be turned into 2D, 3D and IMAX. This has resulted in wider audiences and will attract people who want the film in great quality, in 3D for extra effect or just 2D for those who just want to see the film, and all these can be shown in the same cinema at the same time. During this film they also used an edge arm- a camera attached to the side of a moving vehicle. This is a good development because we can now easily shoot moving vehicles. At the end of the film they shot it using a slow motion camera instead of doing it in the editing process. In the editing process of mad max they used CGI in some of the parts to make the background bigger and added in little details to the costume of the characters. In Alex Garland's Ex machina, rotoscoping was used to pencil in Avas body to make it robotic and see through, we would not have been able to do it for similar previous films such as 'AI' and '2001'.

Digital media has also impacted how we distribute films. We can now watch films on line legally through websites such as 'Netfilx'. Netfilx came about so people could watch the film with out going to the cinema and not downloading it illegally. It appeals to audiences because we can watch hundreds of films without having to pay and so to the cinema. We do have to pay to use these websites so it is still beneficial for the production companies but for us it is a lot cheaper and we get more from our money. We can as well put the films onto discs to sell in shops. The development of this went from video tapes to DVDs then finally to Blu ray. A blu ray is very similar to a DVD but it comes with extras such as downloading the film to your computer for free which is why more and more people are starting to but them. Another improvement we have on film is that through each generation of film the quality increases.

The biggest significance that digital media development has had is how we market films.  Because of conversion that we now have, such as social media and youtube, we can now uses a marketing process called viral marketing. This is when the film gets spoke about on the media pages and youtube adverts where everyone can see it. This costs the companies very little money and is the fastest and wider spread way of getting everyone talking about a film. Conversion also lets audiences watch films from our phones and computers getting even more views. However, mad max didn't rely on viral marketing, and more on other methods such as posters and adverts. Another marketing example is cross-media that is used to market Mad max. The company worked with a gaming company to produce a gamed about the film that was released just before the film.
In conclusion, the development of digital media has impacted greatly on the marketing, distribution and production process of the film. It has now got a faster way of marketing which saves them a lot of money- viral marketing and can work in cross-media to produce other popular products such as video games to attract people who they think will have an interest in the film. It has also made a great change to how we view films. Being able to watch films online attracts so many more audiences because it's cheaper and we can do it from home.
It has also made the filming processes a lot easier and quicker to do while the quality is really high.

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